Clean oceans and drinking water for all

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Stylish thermos cups and water bottles instead of disposable bottles.

To tackle the plastic soup at the source and reduce the number of plastic bottles, we inspire consumers to use an attractive reusable drinking bottle. Consumers will unlearn their habit of purchasing disposable bottles. Retulp was founded in 2014 to carry out this mission.

Bring your own bottle because one-time is outrageous! By using Retulp drinking bottles and lunchware, you will ensure that the huge mountain of plastic waste does not grow even larger.

Best alternative to disposable cups 2023

Since July 1, 2023, companies are required to offer reusable alternatives to disposable packaging. To find the most sustainable coffee cup, the Coffee Cup Pact was established. This partnership of 67 parties researched which reusable cup is the most sustainable. The LCA environmental test showed that the Retulp Travel Cup, made of sturdy PP material, emerged as the best for office use. The coffee cup offers high drinking comfort, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher and has minimal environmental impact. For travel, stainless steel cups and drinking bottles are the most durable due to their longevity.


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Drink bottles, Thermos cups, lunchware and bags for when you're not plastic

High quality: see reviews including and Simon Lรฉvelt

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Concrete support of charities

Prevention is better than recycling. That's why we offer Retulp products with a long service life made (in part) from renewable materials.

All products have been tested for food safety and are 100% bpa-free.

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The plastic problem is growing every year, but the production of plastic is only increasing. And that has dire consequences for nature and the environment. That is why we want to turn off the plastic tap and open the drinking water tap again. For 2025 we have set ourselves a goal: avoid 20 million disposable plastic bottles per year and donate 20 million liters of drinking water to people who need it. In 2022 we donated 21,428,300 liters of water and prevented 15,126,610 disposables. For 2023 we have the goal to again exceed the annual 20,000,000 and we will continue ambitiously with our partners and hopefully with you!

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A convenient and reusable bottle that you can be seen with. Retulp bottles are durable and bpa-free. Drink happy, CHEERS!

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Every Retulp bottle ensures that 1,000 times its content of drinking water is donated to developing countries through Made Blue.

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Retulp is a Business Supporter of the World Wildlife Fund. With our support, WWF is committed to a plastic-free sea.